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There Was Once A Carnegie Steel Factory On Burns St

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This was where prefabricated concrete was manufactured for building homes It was later replaced by the Grosvenor Square Apartment is today at150 Burns St.

Grosvenor Atterbury, Forest Hills Gardens Architectural Designer had been tinkering with prefab housing for quite some time. He saw that using this type of construction would be beneficial both financially and punctually.

Concrete slabs would first be manufactured in the factory. Once completed an electric crane would lift each 3-ton cement panel onto horse drawn flatbeds where they would be delivered to construction sites along the Long Island Railroad.

Most houses on Burns St between Ascan Ave. and Union Turnpike were built using this method.

The Atterbury system helped not only cut costs but also took up less time. The weather couldn’t slowdown construction as much as previous building methods had. Plus as the building process evolved it took only nine days to build one house.

Going forward, the residents of Forest Hills Gardens continues to reap the benefits of a well thought out plan carried out for building our community.

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